Outreach Program

2013 QL2 Hit the Floor_Full Rehearsal@Playhouse  000_287

NAISDA is committed to the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people from all over Australia and has a range of projects that run independently, but in conjunction with the training program at NAISDA.

NAISDA partners with likeminded organisations to run programs in community as well as at NAISDA.

Current partnerships include:

  • Campbelltown Arts Centre (Annual program for young people in Western Sydney)
  • Bundanon Arts Centre  (Annual program for young people in South Coast NSW)
  • Arts NSW (Garabara Ngurra) Annual Program for young people from around NSW at NAISDA
  • Bangarra Dance Theatre secondment placements for the Bangarra’s Rekindling program.
  • Garma Festival Diploma DAs travel to Garma each year to teach workshops and dance on country.
  • QL2 Canberra and NAISDA dancers collaborated to develop and produce a performance titled; Hit the Floor.  This performance premiered in Canberra in July 2013 to great acclaim.

NAISDA also provides workshops on an as needed basis and upon request for communities across Australia.

Touring Productions – Dätiwuy Dreaming

NAISDA Dance College and Musica Viva collaboration

In 2015 NAISDA Artistic Coordinator Jasmine Gulash and the Dätiwuy Dreaming ensemble returned to Perth for a two week tour before heading north to Karratha and inland to Tom Price.

Thomas E S Kelly took the lead for the 2nd tour of the year, taking the ensemble to his home state of Queensland.

The performances were well received by both teachers and students alike. The NSW, WA and QLD Musica Viva managers did an incredible job developing the touring logistics for the ensemble and this certainly helped with the success of the production.

Dätiwuy Dreaming was created for the Musica Viva in Schools program in 2012. NAISDA Dance College and Musica Viva have developed a strong partnership that has seen Dätiwuy Dreaming thrive over the past two years, enabling both organisations to include this touring show as part of their annual program.

Dätiwuy Dreaming has given students a wonderful insight into Yolngu Culture through the eyes of Elcho Island Cultural Tutors Heather Mitjangba Burarrwanga, Tony Mudalyun Ganambarr, Nelson Yunupingu and Edwin Dhumumu Burarrwanga.

Dätiwuy Dreaming offers NAISDA graduates employment opportunities that fulfill both contemporary and cultural performing aspirations. NAISDA graduates Juanita Duncan, Shae Duncan, Rodney Beatty and Thomas E.S. Kelly continue to contribute to the successful touring of Dätiwuy Dreaming around Australia.

Dätiwuy Dreaming would not have been possible without the incredible commitment of Musica Viva, in particular Mary Jo Capps and NAISDA Board Member, Robyn Heras.

The project has received financial support from the Indigenous Cultural Support Program through the Federal Government, as well as the generous philanthropic support of Rio Tinto.

The production has been viewed by over 90,000 students since its creation in 2012, leaving them with special knowledge and insight into the world’s oldest living culture.

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