Accomodation Costs

Onsite Accommodation

NAISDA has eight campus cottages within walking distance to the college for student accommodation. Accommodation costs such as electricity are subsidised by NAISDA as part of its holistic support program, ensuring that rents remain affordable. If eligible, ABSTUDY can provide payment assistance including rent and living expenses.

A refundable rental bond of $200 will be required for onsite campus accommodation as well as a key bond of $15.

Homestay Accommodation (Offsite)

The NAISDA Homestay Program provides accommodation for Developing Artists under 18 and students who require additional support to complete their studies. Homestay parents are accredited through the NAISDA application process and provide a supportive living environment.

Developing Artists and their parents enter into an agreement with the Homestay Parents and pay a fortnightly fee of $110 for Homestay accommodation. NAISDA subsidises the Homestay program and payments to the Homestay families.

If eligible, ABSTUDY can provide payment assistance including Homestay payments and living expenses.