Become a Homestay Family

Expressions of interest are open for Central Coast families to participate in NAISDA’s Homestay Program.

Based in Kariong on the Central Coast, NAISDA is Australia’s leading Indigenous performing arts college, which is renowned for cultivating the next generation of Australia’s best performing artists.

Each year, talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students (known as Developing Artists) travel from regional cities and remote communities around Australia to study full-time at NAISDA and launch their career in the performing arts. For many of the younger Developing Artists, this means leaving their family and friends with little to no support.

“The title is really accurate – you are parenting – so you provide support and care to the young person who is on your home.  You keep them safe to the best of your ability, and assist them to have a successful outcome at NAISDA.”

– NAISDA Homestay participant


Open your home to a NAISDA Developing Artist

We are currently seeking host families to accommodate a number of our younger Developing Artists during their study at NAISDA.

Our comprehensive accreditation process ensures a positive experience for families and students alike. Selected families will be provided with support payments as well as continued assistance from NAISDA staff.

By opening your home to one of our younger Developing Artists, you will be providing them with the additional support and structure they need when training at an institute like NAISDA, which will be instrumental to their success at the College.


“It was a joyful experience – having that really nurturing role with the kids. We loved meeting the extended families of our homestay kids – and we’ve visited a couple of them at their homes as well.

– NAISDA Homestay participant


Homestay FAQs

What is the NAISDA Homestay Program?

NAISDA Dance College is a nationally-recognised dance and performing arts training organisation which offers full-time training to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged between 16 and 26.

NAISDA Dance College’s Homestay Program is a supported accommodation program for younger Developing Artists (under 18 years of age) who travel from across Australia to study at NAISDA. Homestay families open their homes to a NAISDA Developing Artist to provide support and a place to live during their studies.

The Homestay Program is a condition of enrolment for all Developing Artists under the age of 18 who are unable to live at home whilst studying. Sometimes older Developing Artists may enter the program for additional support, or those in the program may choose to remain with their Homestay families after they turn 18.

What is a Developing Artist?

NAISDA calls its students Developing Artists in recognition of their decision to pursue a career in the creative industries.

Why does NAISDA need a Homestay Program?

Following a successful audition process, NAISDA’s Developing Artists travel from across Australia to study full-time at NAISDA’s campus on the New South Wales Central Coast. For younger Developing Artists this can be particularly challenging as it is often their first time away from home and their families.

The Homestay Program matches Developing Artists with a host family to provide a safe and welcoming home. This significantly helps Developing Artists settle into their new training regime and improves their chances for academic success whilst away from home. The program also supports Developing Artists on their journey towards independent living.

The program is pivotal in the growth and development of our younger Developing Artists during their first years of study at NAISDA.

How long is a Homestay placement?

For the benefit of both Homestay parents and Developing Artists, it is preferred that a placement lasts the full academic year.

This generally runs in accordance with the New South Wales term dates (approximately 40 weeks). Developing Artists will often travel home to their families during term breaks.

In some cases, and where all parties are in agreement, we can arrange shorter-term placements.

What financial support will I receive if I become a Homestay family?

Homestay families receive $130 per week for boarding a NAISDA Developing Artist.

This amount is based on financial support that the Developing Artist is able to receive through ABSTUDY. It is further supplemented by NAISDA.

The payment is to cover all costs associated with providing full board to the Developing Artist, including meals. It is not regarded as income by the ATO. Payments are made fortnightly by NAISDA to the homestay family directly.

During the term holiday periods (not including the Christmas break), if the Developing Artist returns home, a payment of $50 per week will be provided.

What are some of the benefits of participating in the Homestay program?

The program is a wonderful opportunity for Homestay families to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of our Developing Artists, providing them with an opportunity to pursue their passions in dance, culture and the performing arts.

Our Homestay families cite a wide range of benefits as a result of participating in the program, including:

  • Learning about another person’s culture, customs and traditions
  • Forming lifelong friendships with Developing Artists, their families and other Homestay families hosting NAISDA’s Developing Artists
  • Watching the Developing Artist grow and develop over their time at NAISDA
  • Seeing the gratitude of the Developing Artists they support

Homestay families also receive special invitations to NAISDA annual performances and events.

What additional support is provided to Homestay families?

Homestay families receive a thorough induction process as well as detailed information outlining relevant responsibilities, procedures and policies.

NAISDA’s Homestay team offers continual support and advice during the program. We ensure you have contact details of all relevant support personnel should any issues or questions arise.

Who is eligible to participate in the Homestay program?

The Homestay program is open to residents living on the Central Coast, preferably within reasonable proximity NAISDA Dance College’s Mount Penang Parklands location at Kariong.

Homestay families must have a spare room available for the Developing Artist, as well as a safe, welcoming and comfortable home environment.
To ensure the safety of our Developing Artists, NAISDA undertakes a thorough accreditation process with all Homestay applicants prior to acceptance into the program. This includes a current working with Children Check.

How can I learn more about the Homestay program?

For more information, please contact a Developing Artist Support Officer by calling NAISDA on (02) 4340 3100 or emailing  Or complete our expression of interest form here.