Songlines Summer Appeal

“Pay it Forward!”

Our annual fundraising campaign kicks off each summer as we pause between academic years to reflect on our collective journey and achievements.

Equally each campaign aligns itself with our November Sydney Performance Season which has now firmly established itself, not only as a highlight of the NAISDA year, but as a significant and much-anticipated event on the Sydney arts calendar. The Season embodies the creative culmination of our Developing Artists’ journeys. For our Graduating Artists, it signals the start of a new adventure as they continue the NAISDA legacy and embark upon careers that will see them performing to audiences across the nation and world.

This year, we are thrilled to invite you to join us on our evolving journey by pledging your support to our Songlines Summer Appeal 2018.

Songlines Summer Appeal 2018 recognises that each success, achievement, performance and graduating student has only been possible by virtue of someone else’s philanthropy.

Songlines invites you to be part of that lineage of ‘paying it forward’ and the next wave of people who make a difference.

That difference could be the continuation of our outstanding education completion rate which is more than triple that of the national Vocational Education and Training average for Indigenous students.

It could be the 26,000 Australian school students and teachers across the country who take part in our program of performances and cultural education each year.

It could be keeping the continuum of our cultures alive, through dance and arts education for all Australians.

It could be helping us affirm Australia’s unique international image as we share performance and stories with audiences globally.

It could be the difference you make to one student by helping them appreciate the endless possibilities available to them as they pursue education, life skills and the right to be the best person they can be.

Your gift to Songlines Summer Appeal 2018 helps our young people connect with their creative expressions, each other and their cultures, and in turn, pass their legacy on to others.