NAISDA Associated Fees and Costs

Although course fees for training at NAISDA are subsidised through the Federal Government and NSW Government, there are associated costs to consider when preparing for each year’s training. These include:

  • Dancewear
  • NAISDA uniform
  • Locker fee
  • Daily travel expenses
  • Personal items
  • Personal groceries
  • Personal medical costs
  • Accommodation-related costs other than rent including:
    • A refundable rental bond of $200
    • A key bond of $15.
    • Bedding

Enrolment Fee

Upon accepting a NAISDA study offer, a $100 non-refundable annual enrolment fee is required to confirm enrolment for the following year.

Locker Fee

There are a number of large lockers provided for Developing and Practising artists.

Lockers are compulsory and a locker deposit of $20 will be required. This is refunded at the end of the year if the locker is left clean and undamaged.