Support Services

Supportive Learning Environment

As part of NAISDA’s commitment to a dynamic and supporting learning environment, NAISDA employs Developing Artists Support Officers (DASOs) who assist, guide and mentor Developing Artists in a range of support services and ensure a safe environment to discuss issues in a culturally appropriate and confident manner.

Developing Artist Support Officers work closely with students experiencing barriers to their dance training, such as family situations, health issues, financial hardship and accommodation challenges.

NAISDA support services are underpinned by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination and wellbeing and include open forums for communication and discussion such as Yarn Time as well as the cultural practice of Men’s and Women’s Business.

The Developing Artist Support Team can help Developing Artists access external support and community service organisations providers on the Central Coast, linking in with other services available such as community programs and events.

Health and Wellbeing

At the start of the academic year, the NAISDA cohort receives a free annual Health Check with Yerin Aboriginal Health Services. Central Coast Youth Health also provide range of services available to Developing Artists including optometry and dental services.

NAISDA supports Developing Artists with ongoing physical and emotional wellbeing throughout their study including body conditioning, referrals to specialist health services to manage injuries or illnesses and confidential and independent counselling assistance and services.

Should injuries in class occur, the DA Support Team will implement an Injury Recovery Program through the NAISDA Injury Management Program to cover consultation with a variety of specialists including doctors, chiropractor, physiotherapist and a tailored pilates program.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) foundation skills are ‘built-in’ into the three stages of NAISDA’s theory learning. The focus for each task is the depth of investigation and creativity of the response, rather than LLN in isolation.

NAISDA ensures a positive and rewarding learning experience for Developing Artists and provides assistance in this area if required.


College Accommodation

The NAISDA precinct includes cottages within walking distance to the College. The cottages are provided for over-18 Developing Artists undertaking full time study. Each has their own bedroom with shared common areas and facilities. The cottages are simply furnished and fitted with kitchen, kitchenware and laundry appliances.

All Developing Artists who undertake cottage accommodation must sign a contract with the college and payment can be made through direct deposit to NAISDA.

A bond and weekly rent is inclusive of electricity, water, furniture, TV, utensils and washing machine/dryer as part of the accommodation package.  The accommodation is subsidised by NAISDA as part of its holistic support program, to ensure that rents remain affordable for all Developing Artists.

All NAISDA cottages and premises are alcohol-free.

The cottages undergo regular inspections as well as maintenance.

Further information regarding accommodation is available in the Developing Artist handbook (p 32) or by contacting the Developing Artist Support Team:

Phone: 1800 117 116 (freecall) or 02 4340 3100


NAISDA is proud to partner with families on the Central Coast to provide a safe family environment for Developing Artists under eighteen and those who require additional support to complete their studies.

The NAISDA Homestay program was created in 2011 and has been successful in helping many young people adjust to the pressures of moving away from home for the first time to undergo full time study.

Homestay families are accredited through the NAISDA application process and provide a supportive living environment. Developing Artists and their parents enter into an agreement with the Homestay Parents and pay a fortnightly fee for accommodation. NAISDA subsidises the Homestay program and payments to the Homestay families.

Families who engage with the NAISDA Homestay program also partake in cultural events at NAISDA as well as developing a greater understanding of our unique Australian culture through the eyes of tomorrow’s artists.

If you live on the Central Coast and would like further information about how you could become a NAISDA Homestay Parent, please contact the Developing Artist Support Team:

Phone: 1800 117 116 (freecall) or 02 4340 310

Brett and I cannot quite believe how much we have learnt and how much our family has been enriched by our adoption into the NAISDA family.

We have been homestay parents for four years and have had three students live with us over that time. Our students have become part of our family, brothers and sisters to our children. Every family has busy lives – being busy should not be a reason to put off becoming a homestay family. Your students will fit in with your life and routine.

NAISDA is very supportive and will help you and the student with organising transport or whatever other concern you have. We have had the opportunity to learn about Indigenous Australia through our relationship with our students.

We know that it would simply not be possible for us to have the cultural understanding we now have without this relationship. NAISDA has broadened our perspective on Indigenous Australia and also dance. We have had the opportunity to see some really wonderful performances over the last few years and our entire family has developed a love of dance and dance theatre.

Becoming a homestay parents is a wonderful thing to do – for you and your family.

Anne Charlton, Homestay Parent


NAISDA provides a shuttle bus service from Gosford railway station each morning and afternoon. An additional shuttle is provided if requested to assist Developing Artists with grocery shopping and other activities.

NAISDA also provides transport to excursions as part of the units of study.