Cultural Tutors

At the core of NAISDA’s learning is the Cultural Residency program. For nearly 45 years, NAISDA has been building long lasting links with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It is through these links that NAISDA has been able to contribute greatly and uniquely to the development of contemporary Indigenous dance throughout Australia.

The NAISDA curriculum privileges Indigenous Knowings with embedded Indigenous practice, cultural and community connections, partnerships and protocols informing the NAISDA learning programs and performative response.

Each year NAISDA celebrates the practice, song and dances of either Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island culture. The NAISDA Cultural Residency program underpins all learning and offers a unique opportunity for Developing Artists to build cultural knowledge and connection, and learn first-hand from our Elders, communities and knowledge holders.

Early in the academic year, NAISDA is privileged to welcome Cultural Tutors from Indigenous communities to campus. The full student cohort pays a return visit later in the year and travels to the Cultural Tutors’ home community for a week of remote cultural learning and sharing.

NAISDA is deeply grateful to our Cultural Tutors and communities for the sharing of cultural knowledge and practice which is central to the experience of learning at NAISDA. It transforms our Developing Artists and the experience and knowledge lives with them forever.

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Cultural Tutors

Heather Mitjangba Burarrwanga
Tony Mudalyun Ganambarr
Dujon Niue
Jeanette Fabila
Bronwyn Chambers
Gavi Duncan
Stuart McMinn