Cultural Tutors

At the core of NAISDA’s learning is the Cultural Residency program.  For nearly 40 years, NAISDA Dance College has been building long lasting links with traditional communities. It is through these links that NAISDA has been able to contribute so greatly and uniquely to the development of contemporary Indigenous dance throughout Australia.

Each year NAISDA Dance college celebrates the Indigenous traditions and dances of either Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island culture.  We recognise the importance and significance of both Indigenous Australian cultures and as a result, we alternate which Indigenous community will be represented in our productions.

Our Cultural Dance Tutors provide our Developing Artists (DAs) with an amazing insight into their unique way of life and traditions.  This knowledge is central to the experience of learning at NAISDA. It transforms our Developing Artists and the experience and knowledge lives with them forever.

Moa Island Residency 274
saibai (2) (1)
zazi complete
dhambala (2)
Farewell bungul 25

Cultural Tutors – Aboriginal 

Galiwinku, Elcho Island, Northeast Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Heather Mitjangba Burarrwanga
Tony Mudalyun Ganambarr
Tony Bukulatjpi
Tiana Ganambarr

Cultural Tutors – Torres Strait Islander

Moa Island, Torres Strait Islands, Queensland

Dujon Newie
Harry War
Peli Ware