Proudly dancing on Darkinjung land

A NAISDA education gives graduates the skills, qualifications and ability to follow their passion, realise dreams and equip them for a successful future in the arts. We have been at the forefront of dance performance of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for nearly 50 years. NAISDA graduates truly are recognised leaders in their disciplines. – Kim Walker, NAISDA CEO

NAISDA is Australia’s leading performing arts training organisation specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with a proud tradition of producing the next generation of First Nations performers.



NAISDA would like to acknowledge that we live, learn and dance on darkinjung ngura.

We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present, who are our knowledge holders. We acknowledge our youth, who are our future leaders. We acknowledge and pay respect to those who have gone before us and recognise their contributions.

NAISDA recognises that the words ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, ‘Indigenous’ and ‘First Nations’ have come to take on different meanings to different people.

We respect the choice of individuals, families and communities to use definitions with which they are most comfortable.

Throughout this website, we refer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia, their arts and cultures where possible. When referencing external sources, Indigenous or First Nations may be used. NAISDA recognises that the use of respectful and inclusive language and terminology is an essential component of building self-determination, empowerment and reconciliation.