End Of Year Show

The NAISDA End of Year Show (EOYS) is the major performance of the college year.

The EOYS is produced in-house at NAISDA, has an external Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander director as well as national and internationally recognised choreographers.

The EOYS while a celebration is also a critical element in the DAs artistic development and is assessed through several units.

The EOYS is open to the public with a focus on evening performances.

The EOYS is performed in a professional theatre with a professional artistic and technical crew.

Choreography by the artists is all new work created for the EOYS or existing work of the choreographers.

Each year a Diploma DA also has the opportunity to show one of their works if chosen by the director.

Artistic themes for the shows NAISDA focuses on either a Torres Strait Island or Aboriginal theme. While both cultural dances are learnt during the year we acknowledge that each culture is unique within its self and celebrated as such through performance.