Life at NAISDA

NAISDA Dance College is Australia’s leading First Nations dance and performing arts training organisation. Our world-class expertise in cultural and creative training gives you the skills, qualifications and confidence to follow your passions, realise your dreams and equip you for a successful career in the arts.

Training at NAISDA includes practical dance technique, theory classes as well as cultural classes. Throughout the year, Developing Artists may participate in a variety of performances and workshops within the community and at corporate events. Each course also includes two performance seasons each year at professional theatres.

Your study will include a unique cultural residency experience each year. Developing Artists travel and live with either an Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander community for one week. This experience creates the essential close connection that grounds Developing Artists in cultural dance understanding and technique.

Watch this video to find out what training at NAISDA means to some of our Developing Artists.

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