NAISDA Dance College would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for supporting tomorrow’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island performing artists by leaving a meaningful legacy to NAISDA:

  • Patrick White Bequest
  • William Lesley Estate
  • Joanne Harris Estate – Joanne Harris Scholarship Fund

Leaving A Meaningful Legacy

By leaving a gift in your Will you are making a powerful commitment to supporting the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island young people. Just a few words in your Will can make a world of difference.

You might choose to leave a percentage of your estate, a specific amount of money, the whole or part of the residue, shares or an ongoing donation through a perpetual trust. Big or small, every bequest helps us continue the work we do at NAISDA.

When writing your Will it is a good idea to seek legal advice to ensure that your Will is written to achieve everything you wish and that it is valid. It’s also important to consider the needs of your family and dependents when making your Will, and inform them if you decide to leave NAISDA a gift.

An unexpected gift is always a nice surprise, but you will be helping us even more if you inform us of your intention to include NAISDA Dance College in your Will. Not only does this help us plan for the future, it also allows us to thank you and share our journey with you.

We recommend that you keep your bequest quite general so it’s easier for us to fulfil your wish. For example, you could direct your bequest to the general purposes of NAISDA Dance College, or to continue your sponsorship of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young people in training at NAISDA.

When making your bequest, there are many ways to do it; however the most common is through a specific bequest of a particular amount of money or property.

An example of suggested legal wording for a specific gift of money to support NAISDA Dance College through a specific bequest would be:

‘I (insert namehereby give to NAISDA Ltd, (ABN 19 177 937 206 ) (now insert one of the following)

the whole of my estate
(insert numberpercentage of my estate
the residue of my estate
the amount of $ (insert the value of your gift in cash)
my (insert name of asset)

This gift is for NAISDA’s general purposes and its official receipt shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors and trustees.’

Other examples of legal wording, including how to leave a residuary or pecuniary bequest are available on

All bequests to NAISDA are acknowledged though NAISDA social media, press and in reports such as the Annual Report.

For further information, please call (02) 4340 3154.