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“Committed to improving the education, life skills and employment opportunities for our young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

We are proudly stepping into our fifth decade of sharing and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander living knowledge and wisdom through dance and arts education and can only do this by connecting with those who share our vision.

Auditioning from across Indigenous Australia, our young students leave their families and communities to study fulltime at our campus on Darkinjung Land on the NSW Central Coast.

Our alumni are recognised internationally as cultural and creative leaders, but importantly, we graduate more than dancers.

We foster a connection to culture. We support, encourage and provide a unique space in which young Indigenous people can feel the power of accomplishment, tell their stories and discover purpose and pride in personal and cultural identity and knowledge.

We rely on our inspired and committed support base to empower our students to be all that they can be. We look forward to working with individuals and organisations that share a commitment to a unified and cohesive Australia and recognise the richness of our country’s first cultures.

Your generous support changes the lives of young Developing Artists and safeguards our nation’s most valuable asset – the continuation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures through dance, song, stories and languages.

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Please contact us via email or call (02) 4340 3154.