Career Pathways

NAISDA is a unique cultural organisation that fuses Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural philosophies with a contemporary wholistic approach to dance training.

Over three decades NAISDA graduates have become role models for other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, communities and the dance world. NAISDA graduates and alumni have been at the forefront of the development of Contemporary Indigenous dance within Australia.

A qualification from NAISDA opens doors to careers both onstage and off, and the list of NAISDA achievers is a long one.

It is NAISDA’s goal to provide opportunities, self-development and independence in our DAs. Because DAs are never isolated from their cultural backgrounds, they are able to explore cultural identity with confidence, knowledge and pride. NAISDA also provides dance and arts training that gives the DAs the skills to work in the dance and arts world.

Training at NAISDA is more than a cultural experience – the DA experience here will help guide as you explore your aspirations. At NAISDA we actively encourage you to explore and identify relationships between contemporary issues and traditional cultures. NAISDA’s emphasis on affirming cultural studies keeps DAs in harmony with their heritage as they grow as artists.

NAISDA Dance College is a Registered Training Organisation which means that graduates receive nationally recognised qualifications.

Click on the images below to read some recent interviews with NAISDA alumni and explore the variety of career options that a NAISDA education can bring you.