A Message from NAISDA’s CEO

Kim Walker

Thank you for your interest in applying to NAISDA Dance College.

NAISDA has a very special place in my and many people’s hearts.

NAISDA has created so many artists over its 45 years. NAISDA has changed and contributed so much to both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Australia’s dance sector as well as the contemporary dance landscape.

NAISDA changes lives! It has the power to give you the strength and ability to realise your dreams.

Your NAISDA arts education will enable you to shape your life and contribute to the future lives of others as well. What you learn from our cultural tutors, trainers and staff will give you the skills to make a difference in the arts community as well as your development as an artist.

NAISDA is about creativity, culture, learning, cooperation, community and above all, excellence. We embrace the future with openness and honesty, and honour the past, our cultures and knowledge holders.

We are all custodians of the skills and cultural knowledge given to us. NAISDA graduates’ artistry and ideas help transform our world into a better place for all.

Kim Walker,

Chief Executive Officer of NAISDA Dance College