Trusts and Foundations

“We are very grateful for the generosity of all Trusts and Foundations who provide vital support to extend the scope and ambition of our work.”

We are committed to creating and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and wisdom through excellence and innovation in dance and performing arts education and training.

Our mandate is to develop and deliver living cultural and artistic practice and ensure exemplary education and employment pathways for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly those living in remote and regional communities.

Equally we seek to share and celebrate First Nation knowledge through dance and arts education for all Australians. Our outreach program of performances and cultural education is delivered to over 26,000 Australian school students, teachers and parents across the country each year.

We work with Trusts and Foundations committed to celebrating creative expression, Closing the Gap to Indigenous disadvantage and enhancing Indigenous leadership, knowledge, culture, empowerment and capacity building.

Please contact us via email or call (02) 4340 3154.