Cultural Residencies

Since the birth of NAISDA Cultural Residencies have formed the core of our DAs’ cultural development.

Cultural residencies are the connection between NAISDA and remote communities that drives the DAs connection and or reconnection with an unbroken line of dance, song and culture.

Males bungul practice
males bungul practice 1
Maddison Paluch, Jannali Johnston, Darcy Maguire, Brianna Kemmerling preparing roots to crush
Kiara Wilson gunga weaving
Kallum Goolagong making Galpu
Kallum Goolagong demonstrates correct use
Cody Cosson Kiarn Doyle net fishing
Brianna Kemmerling comlpeted shell jewellery and gunga weaving
all DAs ready for performance bungul

NAISDA organises three annual residencies:

College Residency I

Between two and six Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Tutors leave their home communities early each year to live on campus at NAISDA. During this visit, NAISDA DAs are immersed in all aspects of cultural dance and lifestyle, with a learning focus ranging from dance, song and cultural understanding to props and costume-making. When the Cultural Tutors return home, NAISDA’s cultural teachers are responsible for the DAs rehearsing the dances throughout the year.

Remote Residency II

Towards the end of the year, DAs will visit the Cultural Tutors’ homelands. These residencies run for one  week, providing DAs with a transforming experience.  DAs live in the cultural tutors community gaining in-depth insight into the cultural life and dance on country where the dances were created. Connections made through these residencies form bonds that last a lifetime through the DAs artistic and cultural life.

College Residency III

The final visit for the year is when the Cultural Tutors return to NAISDA to teach and perform in NAISDA’s annual End of Year Production. This Residency focuses on the performance and production aspects in a contemporary theatre context.

Each year NAISDA focuses on either a Torres Strait or Aboriginal theme for the performance.