Heath Jeffreys – Music

Heath’s journey started at 15 when he used his hard earning savings to buy his first drum kit. This started a life long passion for drumming, rhythm and expression. Straight out of school Heath took a gifted Djembe, his rhythm, and a zest for life and busked his way around Australia, earning enough through his musical influence to fund his first trip to India. Heath has since been a part of drumming ensembles, local bands featured on many an album and played at some of Australia’s most prestigious festivals such as; Woodford, Peats Ridge, Dreaming, Illawarra Folk Festival and Katoomba’s Winter Magic to name a few.

To date Heath has been teaching African Drumming for nearly 10 years. His high energy, experience and finely tuned skills make people shout out rhythm with him, truly marvel at the experience had. Heath genuinely loves what he does and this reflects in the energy he brings to each class, event and function he facilitates.

He is currently teaching music at NAISDA Dance College.