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NAISDA has great deal to celebrate, The Koori Mail, 20 April 2016

Dance graduates step out, The Central Coast Express Advocate, 13 April 2016

Choreographers come to share their expertise, The Central Coast Express Advocate, 4 March 2016

NAISDA Plans Year of Celebration, The Express Advocate, 27 Jan 2016

Frances Rings appointed NAISDA’s new Head of Creative Studies, Arts Review, 20 Jan 2016

NAISDA Celebrates 40 Years, Dance Australia, 18 Jan 2016

Legacy for Indigenous Dance, The Australian 27 Nov 2015

Interview with Ryan Pearson & Linda Mottram, ABC 702, 27 Nov 2015

Interview with RT Colless & Joel Bray, Koori Radio, 27 Nov 2015

KAMU Feature, NITV, 25 Nov 2015

Interview with Frances Rings, Koori Radio, 24 Nov 2015

NAISDA Dancer Ryan Pearson sets sights on New York, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 Nov 2015

Interview with Joel Bray & Daniel Browning, Awaye! (Radio National), 14 Nov 2015

Dance Graduate ready for great leap forward, The Australian, 4 Nov 2015

Audition Editorial,  Koori Mail, 3 Sept 2015

Review: Your Skin my Skin, Dance Suzy Wong, Dec 13 2014

Indigenous Australian dance looks beyond the big Bangarra, The Sydney Morning Herald – Elissa Blake , Nov 24 2014

Performers show teaching of traditional dance is in good hands, The Sydney Morning Herald – Jill Sykes – Dec 15 2013

Indigenous Dancers Find Their Groove, The Australian – Justin Burke, Dec 12 2013 

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