Diploma Choreographic Night puts Diplomas under the spotlight - 26.09.19

In September 2019, NAISDA staff, friends and family were invited to an inaugural showing of works choreographed by NAISDA’s Diploma Developing Artists. The evening was an opportunity for Diploma Developing Artists to present their original works within a public forum, while gaining invaluable production experience.

Craig Bary, Training Delivery Coordinator at NAISDA, said that the event was an extension of the annual Diploma choreographic assessment, giving the Developing Artists the chance to bring their works out of the studio and onto the stage.

“Every year the Diploma Developing Artists have to present a short choreographic piece, which is 7-10 minutes in length. As part of this assessment they also have to write their own music for the piece, with the support of Sessional Trainer Huey Benjamin,” said Craig.

“This year we felt it would be beneficial to add a new element to this and ask the Diploma Developing Artists to present their pieces as part of a public showing. This allowed them to take the task to the next level and consider aspects such as how it would translate onto the stage, lighting and costume.

“To make it as an independent artist in the performing arts industry, artists need to be able to do more than create. They also need to understand a range of production elements, which is why we offer courses such as Electronic Music Composition and Dance on Film at NAISDA. You have to be diverse and develop skills in these fields.

“This experience is a good opportunity for the Diploma Developing Artists to put these skills into action and learn the ins and outs of presenting a work,” he continued.

The evening was also an opportunity for the Developing Artists to showcase their works to industry experts. Director of Legs on the Wall, Joshua Thomson, was in attendance to provide external feedback and advice to the Developing Artists involved.

“While the Diploma Developing Artists were initially apprehensive about the event, at the end of it you could tell that they were really proud of what they had achieved. And they should be – it was a fantastic show,” said Craig.

NAISDA looks forward to exploring and expanding this event in the coming years.

“I look forward to seeing how the next Diploma cohort will step up and take this experience to the next level!” Craig added.