Naya Wa Yugali

To meet the needs of the future, NAISDA and the NAISDA Foundation have embarked on an ambitious fundraising program for the development of an artistic cultural learning precinct at Mt Penang Parklands.


Naya Wa Yugali will be an International Cultural Hub partnering with major Arts Facilities and Institutes to offer a unique study environment.

Naya Wa Yugali means “we dance” in Darkinjung language. The new NAISDA precinct is centred on a sand arena for ceremonial dancing and is situated adjacent to the present campus at Mt Penang Parklands on Darkinjung land.

NAISDA is creating a ‘ngura’, a gathering place where Indigenous artists from across the world can meet and exchange ideas, knowledge and skills; a learning hub, offering a unique understanding of the development of Australian and international contemporary Indigenous dance for Australian students and arts practitioners.

Designed by renowned architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, the purpose built facilities will enable the NAISDA student base to be expanded with accommodation on site in secure and culturally appropriate housing. Student showcases and the hosting of visiting residencies can be presented in a state of the art auditorium which can also host visiting performance companies.

By forming partnerships with key arts organisations and institutions, Naya Wa Yugali will foster a cross-over of study areas, guest tutors and skilled specialists from a range of arts disciplines. It will enable a broader range of courses to be supported including stage management, design and music composition.

It can also host a professional company on site. Strategic alliances will underpin the long term financial stability and ensure the high educational goals are reached and sustained.

Naya Wa Yugali is a facility to create our next generation of Arts and cultural leaders and for all Australians.

The landscape enfolds the buildings with an aesthetic that reflects the values and aspirations of NAISDA.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of living and learning and respect for country.
  • An ecologically sustainable development.
  • A contemporary, internationally focused, dynamic organisation.
  • A commitment to the value of arts and cultural practice expressed through buildings and landscapes.

Make a pledge

Pledge your support for the building of Naya Wa Yugali, We Dance in Darkinjung language.

For Naya Wa Yugali we are drawing on the language and culture of the Darkinjung nation and celebrating their rich heritage. The donor recognition levels all reflect essential activities or practices of the Darkinjung people.

Name Donation level
Footprint Up to $1,000  
Gui: a safe inside space – exactly what will be created at
Naya Wa Yugali
$1,000 – $50,000
Gulayi: a net bag for carrying food whether fresh fish or oysters, or edible plants and flowers $150,000 – $250,000
Gunggun: the coolamon is made from the bark of a tree and has many uses, small ones for carrying water or seeds the larger ones even for carrying babies $250,000 – $500,000
Naawayi: a canoe in which the Darkinjung people traversed the waterways of Brisbane Water catching fish Over $500,000
Space naming rights For individual

If you would like to know more or be involved in this exciting project, please contact Kim Walker at on 02 4340 3155.