Joanne Harris spent her life studying, teaching and performing dance. Thanks to her legacy, NAISDA is able to offer a unique range of scholarships to help young Indigenous dance artists pursue their passions.

NAISDA is proud to announce the 2020 scholarships available through the Joanne Harris Scholarship Fund.

Scholarships available in 2020 include:

Gifted & Talented Scholarship

NAISDA Bursary Program

Pre-Professional Support Scholarship

More information is provided following:

Gifted & Talented Scholarship
Status: CLOSED
Open date: Friday 24 February  2020  | Close Date Friday 20 march 2020
NAISDA is able to offer a Scholarship to a NAISDA Diploma Developing Artist to attend the 6 week Alvin Ailey Summer School in New York or other like programs approved by NAISDA. This grant is for up to $10,000 and will be selected on the merit of the application.

NAISDA Bursary Program
Status: CLOSED
Open date: Friday 7 February 2020 | Close date: Friday 21 February 2020
The NAISDA Bursary Program is open to NAISDA Developing Artists who have completed at least one year of study at NAISDA. NAISDA is able to offer a number of bursaries to in-need Developing Artists to assist with living expenses during their studies.

Pre-Professional Support – NAISDA Graduate Scholarship
Status: OPEN
Open date: Thursday 9 April 2020  | Close date: Friday 15 May 2020  
This scholarship is open to recent NAISDA Graduates (1 – 3 years) to take the next step in their professional careers. This may be used for professional training, work placement or study. This grant is for up to $10,000 and will be selected on the merit of the application.

Download the Pre-Professional Support Application Form