Developing Artists’ Dancefilms 2020

Boxed In by Chandler Connell

My creativity can’t be put into a box.


The Dreamline by Cody Cosson

A film about me walking through my dreams, meeting my ancestors and finding spaces of vastness. This is my most creative and connected space.


GAIA by D’arcy Maquire

A dancefilm made in response to witnessing the destruction of the summer bushfires. I wanted to highlight the beauty within the natural world around us.


GAIA by Jack Williams

GAIA is a short film dissecting the differences between natural growth and the expected growth that we place on ourselves. The film tells a story of how expectations can sometimes be made better through the path that Mother Earth has to provide for you.


Inner Colours by Brianna Kemmerling

Dive into our spiritual rainbow as it connects us to this unlimited universe. Harness the delicate strength we are gifted with as our Inner Colours brighten the room. To breathe and find peace,
listen to our surroundings and remain humble.


Order Between Chaos by Daniel Mateo

To find peace in chaos can be chaotic itself, can it not? The film invites audiences to explore what it is to be of order and what it is to be chaotic in aspects of work, life and social environments.
What do you find chaotic? Could it be someone’s order?


Purify by Janaya Lamb


A dancefilm about ‘bad water’ and ‘good water’. The bad (black) water representing negative and anxiousness. The good (waterfalls) representing the opposite.


Seedling by Stephanie Kitchener

Seedling was created to spread awareness of how we interact with each other every day and how it affects people’s lives more than we know. The seed is a metaphor for a baby and depending on the way a seed is care for (or neglected), the seed will be affected.


Acknowledging by James Boyd