Become a NAISDA Homestay Host - 18.01.21

Nyangga Ngura is NAISDA’s COVID-Safe Homestay Program. It means Give Camp in Darkinyung Language.

Nyangga Ngura matches NAISDA students aged 16 – 18 with local Central Coast host families who provide a safe and welcoming place to live whilst the student is learning away from their home community.

NAISDA Chief Operating Officer, Debra Schleger, talks about the importance and the benefits of this unique program.  Watch the video here.

NAISDA Developing Artist Stephanie Kitchener gives an insight into being part of the Nyangga Ngura program. Watch the video here.

Former NAISDA Developing Artist Daniel Mateo shares his advice for those considering opening their homes. Watch the video here.

Like to find out more?

For more information on the Nyungga Ngura program – or to express your interest in hosting a Developing Artist – you can contact NAISDA directly on (02) 4340 3100, freecall 1800 117 116 or by emailing

Alternatively, complete our expressions of interest form here.