Update: Playing Our Part in Flattening the Curve - 27.03.20

On behalf of the NAISDA Board and Executive, and as we all monitor and respond to changing circumstances, we wanted to give our Developing Artists, families and communities an update on NAISDA’s work to help flatten the curve of the spread of Coronavirus.

This term’s onsite training program finished last Friday (20 March 2020). We brought forward the holiday period enabling Developing Artists to return to their home environments. We have been working extremely hard to prepare a program of offsite learning for all Developing Artists, tailored to accommodate different levels of IT accessibility and resources.

Our remote learning and training program will commence from 6 April 2020. We are communicating regularly with Developing Artists to stay connected and give updates on arrangements and plans. We are extremely proud of their resilience and commitment to continue their engagement with learning and development.

This week we also began our transition towards a working-at-home program for staff. Some of whom have already successfully started to work remotely. We aim to extend this program to most staff by Monday 30 March 2020. A skeleton staff will remain at NAISDA unless Health and Governing Bodies instruct otherwise.

Throughout these changes, we are utilising and adapting to new ways of communicating and working. We remain committed to providing learning, structure, support, reassurance and a continued sense of connection for Developing Artists, staff and the wider NAISDA community.

You can continue to reach us by email at reception@naisda.com.au, phone at 02 4340 3100 or fax at 02 4340 3160. The NAISDA team is here to assist and help with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Thank you all for your encouragement, support and commitment as we take care of each other and manage this difficult situation.

The NAISDA Executive:
Kim Walker, NAISDA CEO
Debra Schleger, NAISDA COO