2018 NAISDA Audition Pack - 31.07.17

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for NAISDA Dance College’s 2018 intake.

Please note that numbers are limited, so to be considered for a place you must complete all elements of the audition process. If your application is accepted, auditions will take place at NAISDA Dance College from 4 to 8 December 2017.

NAISDA cannot accept audition by video. Accommodation will be provided for you when attending the audition and House Parents will be on site while you are at the accommodation.

To all parents of applicants under 18, we encourage you to call NAISDA if you have any concerns regarding the welfare of your child while attending the auditions.

Please complete the following information and return to the Compliance Manager at NAISDA. Please ensure all information is completed in full to guarantee a speedy processing of your application. Applications will NOT be accepted after 20th October, 2017.


1. Audition Preparation Checklist

2. 2018 Audition Application Form – Fillable online form

2. 2018 Audition Application Form – PRINT

3. Confidential Medical Information

4. NAISDA Audition Code of Conduct

5. Accommodation Parent/Guardian Consent Form

6. Pre-Filled – Authorsing a person or organisation to enquire or act on your behalf

7. ABSTUDY Claim for Auditions Form SY021

8. NAISDA Contact Numbers for Auditions 2018

9. Proof of Aboriginality


All completed documentation should be returned to:

Compliance Manager
PO Box 7103


For any questions regarding the auditions, please contact Meaghan Bonser at NAISDA on (toll free) 1800 117 116 or email m.bonser@naisda.com.au